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The K4LKL/R 2m Repeater

Acceptable Use Policy

We welcome you to use our VHF repeater!

Our VHF Repeater is located in Lakeland, FL. area just north of the downtown section of town. We are pleased to have such a good location for our equipment and it allows us to have good coverage throughout the county  and beyond. Please read our Acceptable Use Policy.

The Lakeland Amateur Radio Club owns and operates the repeater which is coordinated by the Florida Repeater Council. 

Repeater Frequency 146.685 MHz  (Neg Offset)
CTCSS 127.3 Hz
Output Power 25 watts
Antenna Height 350 feet
Phone Patch Enabled? Yes! - LARC Members Only.
EchoLink and/or IRLP Services Not available yet, but we are working on it!

Repeater Technical Information

The repeater equipment consists of a Vertex VXR-5000 25W VHF repeater (1 of 2) controlled by a CAT1000 controller with audio delay module & DVR module.

The duplexer is a four cavity TX RX Systems model 28-37-02A with bandpass filter model 11-37-01 on transmit & receive.

The antenna is located on the City of Lakeland's 400' communications tower near downtown Lakeland, Florida. The antenna is a RFS Celwave PD220-2 Super Stationmaster at 350' on the Southwest leg. The feedline is Andrew LDF5-50A Heliax®.

LARC would like to thank Richard Sharp - KQ4KX for looking after our system and keeping us on the air!




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